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I'm not only a photographer, I am also a pediatrician. Through my training, I have seen many babies being born. As a pediatrician, the first time I would meet the people who had spent nine months preparing for this one special moment would be in the delivery room, when I would hand their precious child to them.

Now as a photographer, I meet expecting mothers at the maternity session. I get to listen to their hopes, their excitement and even their fears. It is like reading the story of a child's life from the very beginning.

The words written to me by my last client after her child was born were so touching to me: "I was really scared, but it feels so right now that she is here. She's everything I've wanted my entire life"

"She's everything I've wanted my entire life""-these 7 words describe how I see parents looking at their the delivery room, in the clinic and in front of my camera.

It is beautiful.